• Xamarin Forms Lab 2 -13th April

    In this session we will build upon the first Xamarin Forms lab on Windows. You can either follow along with a partner or walk through the lab exercises.

    Please refer to the following websites for information on setting up your development environment :



    We will follow this session with more Lab sessions and deeper dives into Xamarin Forms.

    RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/All-Things-Mobile-Cincinnati/events/238659644/

  • Raspberry PI by Dave Gordley on August 13th

    After the last session on 3D printers, the fun continues.

    This meetup we will take a look at various aspects and programming with Raspberry PI. Areas covered :

    Different Distros

    Game Machines ect.

    Windows 10

    Total Mobile computer

    What are other things for


    External Touchscreen

    How to program

    Lights and motion

    If you have a PI bring it and have some fun programming.

  • 3D Printing presented by Dave Gordley on July 9th

    Dave will be covering various aspects of 3D printing:

    Outline of talk:

    Picking the printer that fits your needs and budget.

    Getting the right filament.

    Other Tools



    Fixing your print

    Where to get models to print

    Creating your own models

    Slicing Your Models

    Free Slicers

    Paid Slicers




    Future visions of 3D printing

    Special Swag

  • Apple Watch Basics on June 11th

    After a fun session with arduino ( Dave will do a follow on with 3D Printers in August) we will take a look in depth at the latest apple device in the market: The Apple Watch!

    We will cover the key development paradigms as they relate to apple watch app development. We will take a look at the ecosystem as well as the interaction between the iPhone and the watch.

    Lastly we will contrast the Pebble with the Apple watch.

    You don’t need a Mac to follow along.

  • Hands on Arduino and Introduction to Raspberry PI By Dave Gordley on May 14

    Bring your computer and if you have one, a Arduino Uno. If you do not have an Arduino, we will have some to practice with.


      Different types of Arduino
      Your First Arduino Sketch
      How to hook up external components to the Arduino
      How to make things move with the Arduino
      What is a Arduino Shield
      Raspberry PI

    Different Models of Raspberry PI

      Differing Distros for Raspberry PI
      Making a Raspberry PI Arcade Machine
      How you can run Windows 10 on a Raspberry PI

  • Back to Basics with Swift Playground 2 on Apr 9th 2015

    This session we will continue looking at other features of swift playground. Additionally we will walk through creating projects in swift and how we can interact with objective c libraries.

    This session will focus on using the pebble SDK from a swift project. Time permitting we will take a brief look at creating apps for Apple watch.

  • Back to Basics with Swift Playground on 26th March 2015

    Note the new date for March. This meetup is on the 26th of March.

    CATMUG has a mobile app in the Android Play Store (iOS and Windows releases pending)! This app was built using Telerik’s AppBuilder. Link to google play store listing: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apjendeavor.catmug&hl=en

    The last session we covered the following Android topics (Check www.catmug.org – Downloads section for lab code samples):

    1) Intents – We will examine Intents, the types of Intents and how to pass data through intents.

    2) Bundle – Saving State in Bundles.

    3) Fragments – Purpose and how to implement fragments including navigating the BackStack.

    Before we continue with other Android concepts, this session we will take a look at the new Swift language for iOS development. We will take a look at the new Swift playground and how easily it allows us to test code.
    You do not need a mac to attend. All the examples will be provided on www.catmug.org for download. This will be an interactive session with plenty of examples.

    RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/All-Things-Mobile-Cincinnati/events/219643035/

  • Back to Basics on Feb 12th

    We will start the new year with a “Back to Basics” interactive session. If you would like to follow along, ensure Android Studio is up to date for the Android part of the evening. Same thing for Xcode for Mac Users.

    Lets revisit some key concepts in iOS and Android and identify their uses.

    Android: We will take examine the following concepts through use of examples:

    1) Intents – We will examine Intents, the types of Intents and how to pass data through intents.

    2) Bundle – Saving State in Bundles.

    3) Fragments – Purpose and how to implement fragments including navigating the BackStack.


    1) Core Data

    2) Grand Central Dispatch

    3) Delegates

    4) Protocols

    5) ARC

    Time permitting we will take a look at the Swift playground and the new Swift programming language.

  • Pebble and the SmartWatch Revolution! on Nov 13th

    Apple Watch is coming in 2015. There are also plenty of Android SmartWatches including the Moto 360 around that are popular. Add fitness bands and we have a huge buying dilemma!

    In this session will look at the wearables offerings and focus on the current smart watch leader -> Pebble. We will explore the Pebble Sdk and explore watch faces and communication between iOS devices and the Pebble watch.

  • NFC vs BlueTooth LE on Oct 9th

    Apple announced support for NFC(Near Field Communication) starting with iPhone 6. We will take a look at NFC and its role versus Bluetooth LE. We will look at NFC tags and NFC cards and also take a look at the various uses of NFC.

    In the end we will examine the pros and cons of each technology and clarify their purpose.